Sunday, 14 July 2013

Top SEO Factors To Get Top Ten Results

Whenever I write article related to Search engine optimization or internet marketing I took topic to get ranking on Google and other search engines because all SEO's has target that is obtain top ten ranking results with their targeted keywords. When I started my journey in internet marketing, at that time we did not need of quality on page and quality content to promote website. That was time when we did not have stress about back links spamming, anchor text spamming and duplicate content. After spending time when Google launched their algorithm named Google panda. It was the biggest update of Google when many business men or bloggers lost their ranking. We saw many SEO Services providers that shut down their company and the reason was only losing of ranking but few SEO Services company was lucky that ranked in good position with their targeted keywords they made a god amount of money because they was working according to Google policies, they did not use spamming techniques. If you desire to make your position on top five than you need to read below here I am going to tell which technique is effective at this time:-
ON Page optimization: - on page optimization refers to make your website SEO friendly. You have to make changes in your website to make it SEO friendly. Some of the topic like title tags, Meta tags, sitemap of xml, quality content. These are some main on page SEO issue that makes your website quality better in Google point of view. These topics are main to get top ten ranking if you are unable fix this changes, if you can make good structure than it is very difficult to say it will get rank well ever for any SEO in these whole world. I am again saying you that if you unable to make changes on your site than you have to make another on website for you company in which you will able to change as you want.
Quality content: - I have mention that quality content is most important factors for promote your website on Google. After doing on site optimization you need to get ready for creating the quality content. Some times my SEO students ask how we got know which content is high quality and which one is low quality so if you are also thinking this than have some patience I am going to telling about it. High quality content means your content is original and do not have a grammatical mistake. If your content is duplicate than you can make yourself on top position on internet

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