Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to Make Money Online Through Blogging

If u are a passionate writer who wants to published but can't find a way to make each key stroke your way to wealth by penning your own blog. starting a blog doesn't need any technical knowledge or ability.
some basic knowledge of internet is sufficient.
start your free blog on blogger or the other free blogging website and share your thoughts to the world. many people make good money through blogging. express your thoughts to the world. publish your blog after some time you start getting some traffic on your blog and here your earning starts.
Google adsense-
google adsense is a program run by google, that allow publishers in the google network of content to serve automatic adds to your blog, website, youtube etc.when your blog is obtaining a good traffic than sign up for the adsense. google adsense is a program which provides adds on your blog. once approving from google adsense every time a user click on the add provided by google adsense you get some money in your account. many people are using google adsense for making some serious money on the internet.
things that must be in your mind while beginning blog-
1. content must be yours-
content is the heart of any blog or website. write smart quality of content into your blog. do not copy your content from alternative website. content must be unique and one of a kind. write better english so that user can easily read your article.
2. you posts must have more than 500 words-
if you write more than you get more traffic. give a brief discription of your content. don't forget to use keywords in the content. write accurate and simple content so that users feel some interest in reading your blog.
3. while writing your blog don't think of the money-
just write your content smartly and perfectly. while writing content of your blog don't think how much money you will get from it concentrate on the content.
4. create about you page- you should create your about page. through this user can trust on your blog and you also get more traffic on your blog. and don't forget to upload your picture on about you page.
Thanks for reading this post. if you have any query than submit your queries in the comment box. go through my other posts to know more about how to make money online.

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