Sunday, 7 July 2013

Best iPad Keyboards

Of course, an iPad is fun to use - can get you breezing through pages and pages of whatever-website or level after level of play for hours. But in the productivity department (when you need to accomplish real work) the iPad can be a drag (no offense to the Cupertino-based manufacturer).
Keyboard issues of the iPad is at the crux of the matter. Just try pounding on the on-screen keyboard to form sentences and paragraphs for hours and watch your fingers scream at you. Thus, as the market demanded it, the best iPad keyboards surged forth like water to a thirsty horse.

Battle of Three-way Functionality

In time, as many wannabe products to complete iPad’s lack roll out in the marketplace, two giants emerged, their names raved about and pitted against one another over and over again: ClamCase Pro and Zagg Zaggfolio. (Google-wise)
To examine their merits, we need to take a look at their strengths and weaknesses.
Both these two products offer all-in-one functionality meaning these provide your iPad keyboard, stand and carrying case in one - pretty neat. How these two deliver this promise lies the difference.
Zagg Zaggfolio. Straight right off this is the less expensive product of the two. If that is a plus or a minus depends entirely on what you are looking for. For starters, Zagg offers a keyboard-less option so if you’re really looking to travel light, you may leave Zaggfolio keyboard behind and be content with the stand and the case. This is a benefit over the ClamCase Pro.
Keyboard-wise, however, Zaggfolio like the ClamCase Pro is easy to integrate with your iPad. It allows your iPad to stand in a solid manner, no slippage, very sturdy. Zaggfolio keyboard feedback is a blessing compared to the on-screen option, of course - a little cramped but workable. And a somehow diminutive delete key. (I nearly missed that).
There are two functions, however, that the Zaggfolio may find a little wanting in comparison to the ClamCase Pro. First, is Total Protection. As an iPad protector for carry-arounds, Zaggfolio does not come close with ClamCase as the ClamCase wraps around your iPad like a shell protecting its pearl.
Second, is viewing angle.Here, numbers will suffice: ClamCase can do a 360°turn while Zagg is left with a propped-up lip that allows you a single incline to watch your faves.
ClamCase Pro. Right off the bat, ClamCase Pro will cost you more - about 4 adult burgers in a casual dining resto. Keyboard-wise the Pro will give you a deeper key depression closest thing you can to a real keyboard. It has the same little problem with the Zaggfolio in terms of space though. As both are designed to fit the dimensions of the iPad, keyboard is a little cramped. But much workable than the on-screen option, most definitely.
Though the ClamCase Pro does a better job at protecting your iPad, it also has its quirks and flaws. Let’s just say a design trade-off.
For Total Protection nothing beats a ClamCase Pro, flexibility and functionality rolled into one. An iPad wrapped with a ClamCase is a safe iPad. It is as if both were made in Cupertino. Really. No kidding. And just need one logo.
Like precious diamond, however, the ClamCase packs a little more weight - a small price for many. Word of advice: To get the best iPad accessory for you, watch out for coupons

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