Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to Optimize the Title?

What is a 'Title' tag?
Title tag is found inside the <head> section of an HTML document. When the web page is loaded, most of the browsers show the contents of this tag in the respective tab. From SEO perspective, this tag is most important as search engines understand the content of your webpage from this tag. Optimizing title promotes in optimizing your website to a great extent.
How to perfect the title?
There are a lot of misconceptions about writing a good title tag. This is really a simple task. By following a short list of guidelines you can create a perfect title tag for your site. Let's check them one by one.
Relevance is the key
Forget all other rules and keep the idea of relevance printed in your mind while writing titles. The title of your web page should be highly relevant to the contents of the page. All search engines give highest priority to this point, and if you win this, you are half way done. Think of a highly relevant and creative title.
Ensure there is something meaningful
Contents of this tag give the first clue to any search engine on what your web page is trying to tell its visitors. So, never leave it as "untitled" or "home" or "about us". It should reflect the contents of your page and it should form a complete thought.
Enrich it with your keywords
Include keywords in the title and avoid stuffing the title with lot of keywords. Title should include primary keyword and if necessary a secondary keyword. Ensure not to lose the natural flavor while creating the title. It should also not be done merely for the purpose of SEO.
Let it be not too long and short
It is a good practice to keep the length of the title between 70 and 80 characters including spaces and your primary keyword phrase is placed in the fist 50. Too short and too long keywords fetch you nothing. Note that everything you do for SEO should be in a moderate way, that is to say, never overdo anything!
Include your organization's name
Differentiate your listing from others and earn visitors trust by including your company's name. This is particularly important when you are looking at branding your company or products.
Unique 'Title' for each page
It is very important to write unique titles for each of your pages. Based on description of different product and services, each webpage requires unique titling. By not duplicating page titles, it makes search engine's job easier to index your web page.</head>

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