Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Creating a website is not the end of the story; having more and more people visit on it is equally important. Web pages are created for the customers and if they donĂ¢€™t visit these sites then the purpose stand unfulfilled.
Organic traffic is the best way to increase the number of visitors without spending any extra penny. It is the free traffic originating from the search engines. It is the authentic count of people visiting the site.

Tips to Increase Traffic
1. Focus on Content
Content is the strongest pillar on which the quality of the site depends. Having a relevant and unique content can do wonders for the site. Your content should meet the demands of the visitor. It will attract them to keep coming back to you again and again. Make sure you keep updating your content to keep it fresh all the time. Concentrating on the quality will improve the ranking of your site without investing extra efforts and money.
2. Choose Long Tail SEO Keywords
Using long tail SEO keywords helps the search engines spot your website easily. The permutation and combination of these keywords are when entered by the user; search engines would be able to search our site effortless. This is the best way to optimize the matter posted on your site.
3. Social Networking Sites
This is the latest and the hottest media to stay connected with the customers and interact with them. By having a presence on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook, we help the search engines find us thereby increasing our ranking. It also helps in building a strong network of our company.
4. Interact
It is important for the businesses interact with their users. It helps in providing answers to their queries and doubts. A one to one conversation always helps in building stronger bonds. Never leave any mail or post unattended. Always reply to interact better with the users.
5. Link Bait
The purpose of having link bait is to motivate others to link to our website because they wish to. Having a content that is easily likable improves the chances of being shared by more and more people. Using lists, steps in the form of points which are easy to read and understand are helpful in increasing the links. It is one easy way to promote the content.
Organic Traffic helps in improving the number of visitors that too for free. It just involves small efforts which can bring bigger and brighter results.

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