Monday, 18 November 2013

To Get Backlinks to My Websites and Getting Instant Traffic

The whole point of getting any type of link juice back to your site is to really just rank on the search engines of Google, and the funny (and best) part about it is that even just a link on Facebook counts as a backlink. The point of the matter being that getting backlinks to a site is simple, and easy, once you know how.
So, if you're looking to get more backlinks to your site then all you really have to do is just create a piece of content that you want to rank and then follow these simple strategies right now:

First, post your content on social sharing sites like: Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. These websites have large amounts of in house traffic, and the key here is to simply make sure that your following is already interested in the value that you are giving them.
For example, if you are writing about dogs, and your Facebook fan page is about dogs with then it's probably a good idea to share that post on that page so puppy lovers can check out the article.

Second, create videos to share on YouTube and any other search engine website that has video content up for display. This alone is powerful, simply because when it comes to video people just enjoy watching anything that can be entertaining to them as well as informative. You are more than free to share on other websites other than YouTube, like Viddler and Vimeo.

Third, create presentations related to the content that you are sharing and post those on document sharing websites, such as: SlideShare, DocStoc, and All of these websites are useful and you are virtually guaranteed overnight traffic through these types of backlinks, as well as the other strategies I described above!

Finally, you can plug into "tribes", which essentially equates to group of people that share and syndicate content already to THEIR OWN networking sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc. This is like you personally sharing your own sites TIMES TEN, because now you have a tribe of people sharing your content and having their core group of people viewing your content as they decide to click on your articles.
These simple strategies along will generate organic traffic PLUS get you backlinks to your website over a period of time which will cause everything to flow naturally to your website. This means you will have organic traffic, and if it's good content then you will have viral shares occurring randomly from the traffic, which leads to great rankings on Google.

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