Friday, 8 November 2013

Increase Website Traffic Free

Learning to increase your website traffic for free is easy and near effortless, once you know how to do it and where to get visitors, and as you realize this also keep in mind that your intentions and purpose in getting this traffic is of upmost importance as you allow me to explain in the following short sentences.
Before I dive into exactly on how to increase your website traffic make sure to keep in mind that it is equally important to know why you want traffic to your site.
Is it because you just want visitors, leads, sales, or something else?
Having these ideas in mind can keep you focused on creating specific results inside of your business or content writing efforts. After all, if you don’t know why you want the traffic then why are you searching for more viewers?
Okay, so now that I got that preface out of the way let’s dive into some super sneaky ways to increase traffic literally overnight to your website, or at the very least have people reading, watching, or viewing your content. All of the websites I’m about to mention have a high amount of visitors on a daily basis and tailoring your content to specific keywords can easily net you highly targeted viewers.

Strategy Number 1: Post your content as a YouTube video and tailor it to the same keywords that you are looking to rank for on Google. So obviously this is a keyword based search but by simply having your content as a YouTube video and teaching others to do something you can easily acquire more viewers AND followers by giving value to people.

Strategy Number 2: Post your content to document sharing websites such as,, and any other ones that you can find in the internet land. Again, this is one of the best ways to get more viewers in a matter of minutes. I remember writing a company review and within one day I received 124 visitors to that simple presentation that I created in less than 5 minutes. This strategy alone is powerful and effective.

Strategy Number 3: Post your content to social sharing websites that already have a targeted audience and here's what I mean: If you are creating a website about puppy care and you want more visitors that are in that niche then make sure to have profiles in Google +, Facebook, and Twitter that already has an audience that has puppies and already wants to take care of them.

Strategy Number 4: Post on forums regularly and on your signature provide a link back to your site, and here are two reasons why you want to do this: First, this creates natural backlinks back to your money site which can last as long as you leave the link on your signature, and this drives FREE traffic back to your pages as you decide to leave valuable content with each forum post.

All of these strategies are FREE and yet there is only one underlying factor for having them which is the basic fact of having to do some leg work in order to get the content syndicated. If you already have a budget then why not consider having other people do this simple work for you while you focus your time on more important money making tasks? Simply enough, just remember to be consistent with your online efforts and in the end you will experience a higher level of success.

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