Saturday, 7 September 2013

Enhance Traffic To Your Website

When people think SEO Company, they will often times think money - it's going to cost some money for effective professional SEO services. Even though it is a good idea to hire an SEO Perth or SEO Adelaide site optimization company, especially if you don't have time to dedicate to site optimization - there are two important things you have to consider when building your site. And, SEO is only a small part of the big picture.

An effective SEO company may have some technical tricks up their sleeve like getting back links or optimizing your on-site coding, etc. Sure, a great SEO company can use these tricks to get people to your site, but what's going to keep them their? Or what is going to get your site visitors to act. That is, visit your business location, pick up the phone and call your business, purchase something from your company website, etc. Well, here are two things you need to bring people to your site, keep them there, and act.

First and foremost, your site needs quality content. A professional SEO Perth or SEO Adelaide optimization company may be able to provide social media management and killer PR8 backlinks for your site. But, what if people go to your site and see crap content, more than likely, they're not coming back and they are going to leave your site with a negative outlook on your company. So, when write great quality content that is useful, informative and/or entertaining, you'll have return visitors people who will spend time browsing your site (which is great in the eyes of the Google spiders), and a memorable business image. So, spend time writing content and before you do, take some time to research what people like to read about. If you are not a writer, an SEO company can sometimes provide you with great written quality work. Just ask.

When building your site, you, personally, might love how it looks and operates. You may enjoy the layout of your website and placing widgets and graphics in certain spots, but remember, you are making the website for your visitors. So, keep your site visitors in mind and make it user-friendly. If you need some ideas on how to do that, talk to an SEO Perth or SEO Adelaide site optimization company about what they recommend regarding how to create a site for your particular site user demographic.

Another idea is to do some research online and study successful websites - their layouts, image placement, etc. Just do a Google search using the words, "best websites." When you study these sites, ask yourself, what do these sites all have in common? Often times, this is what you'll notice they all have:

- Search Bar
- RSS Feed
- Quick Download Time

- Google analytics (you won't be able to notice just from looking at the site, but guaranteed, all the successful sites have a program like Google analytics to check on the stats of the website.)

Now, what you want to do is replicate certain parts of these successful sites. Another thing you can do is talk to an SEO Perth or SEO Adelaide optimization company about performing an A/B split test on your site to find out exactly what to change on your site to improve site visitor performance.

Hiring an SEO Perth or SEO Adelaide company is a great idea, especially if you need site traffic to help increase your business profitability. But, creating quality content and focusing on user-friendliness is extremely important - maybe even more important than the back links and other SEO tricks an SEO company can provide.

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