Friday, 16 August 2013

Penguin-Friendly SEO Methods

Penguin update was fear of all marketers. It made a different impression when it launched because it was abrupt, startling and fierce. Everybody was affected and mostly was hit tremendously even the high ranking websites. Penguin alters the way web marketers and small businesses perform their SEO.
They are now very keen and obsessive-compulsive types of marketers as they are taking note of how strict and sensitive major search engines are today. Their objectives are getting through the rigid rules and regulation and succeed in the long run. But how they can do it? Read on to know the simple Penguin-friendly SEO secrets you can apply for your website:
Avoid Over-optimization
You must remember that too much of something is always bad. It can't be stressed enough. Performing this method will only consider you as a major spammer. Google hates it! As it wants to maintain itself as an established and original search engine, it regulates the way people do their marketing and branding online. There should a balanced link building whether linking from article directories, web 2.0 properties, PR sites or blogs.
Go social!
Social media signals play an important role in the Google algorithm and of course to your web site. It got the popularity and performance which you can make use to spread the word about your websites and products.
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google 1+ and even Instagram are some of the most effective and helpful social networking sites that most people used to do marketing and advertising. They are free and can be employed to its full extent.
You have to profiles active, informative and interesting so that users and audience will have the interest of knowing who you are. This marketing tool lets you keep in contact and engage with your customers and buying clients regularly. Also, it is bigger ground to widen your customer base. But remember, to always post information that counts. Don't be overly promotional because your friends, followers and even partners might want to untie with your connection.
Be a guest blogging expert
This marketing technique is not new anymore. After Penguin update was launched it was guest blogging method considered as the best remedy to get back in the game.
In order to this, you have to search high PR guest blogging site and ask them if you can guest post for them. One of the great things about guest blogging is that you can use it as a platform to reach out to a brand new audience for your business and products.
The more you create and publish quality information the more chance you will get massive traffic and more credible online reputation. In addition, they will trust you as an effective information resource.
Quality Content
It all about quality, quality and quality. Nothing more nothing less. Target audience doesn't mind knowing who you are but only what your information and content is all about. Itâ's a fact that no quality content, no traffic, no sales, no business. So, bear in mind that one of your main priorities is to write quality content.
Off page optimization techniques can really help you increase your website rankings and of course establish yourself as a credible marketer but the methods takes a lot of time, hard work, patience and even money. But, every second and penny will be well worth if it is done properly.

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